Where To Sell My Guitar – Online Versus Offline…You Decide!!!

So you’re thinking its about time to sell your guitar?  There are a variety of markets from which to sell a guitar.  You must decide if you would like to sell from an online source or from an offline source.  Online, there are many websites to sell your guitar from such as, eBay, craigslist and used instrument classified sites.  Offline options include newspaper classifieds, magazine and on consignment at music stores.


Where to sell online can be a difficult decision.  There are many websites to choose from.  You will want to choose a site that you trust and has adequate traffic.  EBay has the benefit of heavy traffic but also has thousands of guitars for sale which makes it difficult for your guitar to stand out and be seen.  Craigslist has the benefit of finding a local buyer, but buyers here are notorious flakes.  You can waste a lot of time with e-mails, phone calls and no-shows.  Your best option would be to find a used instrument classified site specializing in guitars.  Google the term, “online guitar classifieds” and you should be able to find a few trustworthy sites. The advantage to selling online is the ability to reach a vast number of potential buyers throughout the United States.  Many instruments are bought and sold online every day and shipping has become safe and affordable for guitars.  I would recommend researching, “How to ship a guitar”, prior to listing and selling your guitar.


Off-line selling your guitar may be more difficult than selling online.  Your main options are through newspapers, magazines and local music shops. In newspapers and magazines you will want to list in their classifieds sections. This method can be expensive and takes time to send in and have your ad published.  Your other option is to sell your guitar through local music shops.  This is called selling on consignment and the music shop usually charges a small percentage of the final sale price which means less money in your pocket.


In conclusion, the answer to, “Where to sell my guitar?”, is never as clear as you would like. Everything has its pluses and minuses. Keeping it local sounds cool, but it can be time consuming and possibly arduous. The quickest and most profitable way to sell your guitar is clearly online. When selling guitars online take the time to find the right website and make a clear and concise ad with many clear pictures of your guitar and accessories.  Be sure you have made an agreement with the buyer concerning shipping charges prior to final sale.

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